Spark Business Training: The secret to DOUBLING your business!

Posted on: August 5, 2014


What would it mean for you to DOUBLE your business?


The SPARK Training Series is designed for small business owners who want to unleash their company’s full potential. If you are hungry for bigger success, the SPARK program has been crafted to identify and eliminate the factors that have been holding you back. Transform your business today!

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FAST Change in Your Business Requires the RIGHT TOOLS
Small business owners across all industries go through a similar cycle. You started your new business with passion, excitement, and a great idea. You’ve now been in business for a few years, and you’ve had some successes and overcome some challenges.

But you are spending more of your time each week (and getting less of a paycheck each month) than should be the case. You are determined to achieve your dreams, but are uncertain of what is missing.

SPARK Training has been designed to SUPERCHARGE your success and get you over this all too common “hump” in the business life cycle. The SPARK program is structured to give you the skills, strategies, and knowledge that will take your business to the next level.

In order to transform your personal and business income, you need to identify the areas, processes, and bottlenecks that are slowing your growth. You need to develop a clear strategy — a business road map — for shoring up the current best practices in your company and replacing the practices that are holding you back from complete success.

October 10th & 11th

Seating is limited, and tickets for the whole six weeks of training are only $697! Reserve your seat today before the training sells out.
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Member Stories

Ruth Garcia

The West Chamber has been a great help in getting the word out about Roosters. All members are genuinely interested in helping each other, and have been very welcoming to me and my staff.

Ruth Garcia, Owner, Rooster’s Men’s Grooming Center