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The West Chamber exists for the success of promoting businesses in Jefferson County. Leads groups were designed to help members grow their customer base through a supportive referral network. These relationships are designed to benefit both partners while, while increasing their marketing reach through providing quality referrals and collaboratively supporting each members business.

Below is a list of the Leads Groups within the Network. Please contact the respective moderators (listed below) in advance if you would like to visit a group.

Tuesday 8:00 AM
Abrusci’s Italian Restaurant
3244 Youngfield Street
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Rebecca M Richardson - Foundations Insurance and Financial Services, LLC
(303) 974-6983
B2B Leads Group, Tuesday 7:30AM
(1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month)
La Cave Wine Bar & Boutique
360 Union Blvd.
Lakewood, CO 80228
Cheryl Garcia – Legal Shield, 303-232-1736
Co-Moderator, Kyle Grivette, AAA Building Maintenance, 303-716-2802
(B2B Businesses Only – Call for eligibility)
Southwest Professionals Group, Wednesday 11:45 AM
(Every other Wednesday of each month)
Rox Bar & Grill
12684 W. Indore Place
Littleton, CO 80127
Clell Routson – Resource Dynamics
Wednesday 11:45 AM
Holiday Lanes
10350 W. Colfax Ave, 80215
Group meets in conference room behind bar.
Stefan Magyar - Ink It Over
Thursday 7:30 AM
Atria the Inn at Lakewood
555 South Pierce Street
Lakewood, CO 80226
Ed Landen - H&R Block
Thursday 11:45 AM
(No meeting 2nd Thursday of the month)
Westrail Tap & Grill
195 S. Union Blvd, Ste 160
Lakewood, CO 80228
Wendy Norfolk - Luminant Living

Friday 7:30 AM
Colorado Talking Book Library
180 Sheridan, Lakewood, 80226
Suzzane Smith – Food For Thought Catering
303-425-5442 or 720-310-0510
WING Leads, Friday 8:00 AM
(1st & 3rd Friday of each month)
Abrusci's Italian Restaurant
3244 Youngfield St
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Steve Aden – Freeman Insurance West

For more general information about the Leads Groups, please contact Dan Rodriquez 720-399-5651

Leads Groups Policies & Procedures


You must be a West Chamber member at a qualifying level of membership to participate in the Leads Network.

Only members in good standing may participate. Chamber membership must be current to participate in the Leads Network. If you fall behind on your Chamber membership investment and haven’t made payment arrangements with a West Chamber staff person you may be asked to leave the group.

  1. All current Chamber members may visit each group up to two times as a guest before joining the group provided their industry/category position is open in the group.
  2. Guests (non-chamber members) may choose one leads group to visit and can visit the chosen group twice before becoming a member of the West Chamber. Once you are a West Chamber member you are free to visit all groups that have an opening for your industry/category.
  3. Only one member per profession or specialty can be in a group. Each member of the group represents one area of business expertise and enjoys industry exclusivity within their group. Some industries offer multiple types of services, example: insurance companies offer more than one type of insurance coverage. The types of coverage are broken into segments to allow multiple people to participate in each group. Example: 1.) Home, auto, life. 2.) Commercial insurance. 3.) Health & disability. 4.) Supplemental insurance. This is only an example of how each group might distinguish between the industries that offer more than one area of expertise. Please speak with the West Chamber staff liaison for more information.Some members may own more than one business and have separate chamber membership for both. They are allowed to promote both businesses in their leads group provided the group members agree it’s a good fit. ​
  4. A West Chamber Member’s business is eligible to be represented in up to (3) groups within The West Chamber Leads Network. This is contingent provided the business has obtained the appropriate membership level. Please check with the West Chamber staff liaison if you are unsure about your level of membership.
  5. Schedule & Location changes
    It is the responsibility of The West Chamber staff to locate and secure space for the leads groups. We value your time as business owners. If for any reason the space your leads group meets is no longer available, please contact The West Chamber immediately so a staff person can assist you in finding a new space. Every attempt will be made to accommodate the personal preferences for locations and food choices while maintaining the main focus of a thriving, active leads group.

Moderator Terms & Training:

Being a moderator of your leads group is a great way to gain additional visibility and exposure for your business as well as taking a leadership role within the group. The moderator terms last either 3 or 6 months, depending on the preference of each group. You must attend a mandatory moderator training class prior to becoming a moderator.


Members are expected to behave respectfully to other members and guests at all meetings. The group is responsible for its member’s behavior and professionalism.

Examples of unacceptable behavior: Showmanship (stealing the spotlight from a presenter or speaker), being rude, bossy or disrespectful to guests or other group members, crossing industry boundaries, talking over speakers, talking out of turn, etc.

The group does not have to tolerate this behavior at any time. Please be respectful of your group members and support the moderator team in correcting a member who may be out of line.

The Moderator team will address any unwanted or poor behavior from a guest or group member. It’s up to the group to support the moderator team at all times and stand together against inappropriate behavior.

If the problem persists and the member does not correct their behavior they may be asked to leave the group. Protocol for asking a member to leave is as follows.

1.) Contact the chamber representative: Chamber will give 1 official written warning to member. If behavior is not resolved they will be officially asked to leave the group.


Attendance is critical to the success of your business and the group! A member must make a minimum of 9 out of 12-13 possible meetings in a quarter. It is important that members of a Leads Network make the commitment to be present at the weekly meetings for relationships to be fostered and leads to be exchanged in a timely manner.

If you know in advance that you cannot attend your leads group, please send an email to the group and let them know why you can’t attend. This is one way to continue to foster the relationships you’ve built and demonstrate your commitment to the group.

When a participant in the group falls below the required attendance policy, the Chamber will be notified by the moderator. If attendance is a habitual problem the member may be asked to step down from the group allowing a new member to take their place


Often times, members incur deadlines, emergencies or heavy work volumes which don’t allow the member to attend the Leads Network during a particular time of year. The member must apply for a leave of absence in writing for four weeks. The formal request is to be given to the current moderator and the Chamber staff liaison. If the member needs more than four weeks, the member would have to reapply and it would be at the discretion of the Leads Group and the Chamber Representative to approve the request.

Uniformed Point Structure for all Chamber Leads Groups

The purpose of The West Chamber Leads Network is to generate qualified outside referrals. In efforts of motivation and support for this goal The West Chamber has designed an incentive program that will encourage members to engage and be actively involved in their groups.


An insidel lead (you pass a lead to a group member)
Bringing a guest to your leads group
Attending Chamber events (4 points if event is held at the same time as your leads group and your entire leads group elects to attend the chamber function)
One-on-One with another group member (one point each)


Qualified Outside Lead
Your guest joins your leads group


Business transacted from the lead

Qualified Leads/Referrals: The West Chamber encourages all members of the Leads Network to pass one qualified lead/referral each week.

A qualified lead/referral is defined as follows:

You have spoken to the potential lead/referral about the business you are promoting. They are expecting contact (email or phone call) from referred business. Please qualify all leads before you pass them to your group members. Remember, the main purpose of participating in your leads group is to develop new business leads and connections. Let’s work together to help each other grow and succeed!

Member Stories

Dr. Lance Long & Dr. Trent Rold

Networking with other small business owners in our community has been a valuable experience. The West Chamber has helped our dental practice grow as a result of the relationships formed through our lunchtime leads group. We have enjoyed being members of The West Chamber since 2009 and found the networking and programs that The West Chamber offer to be very valuable.

Dr. Lance Long & Dr. Trent Rold, Lakewood Family Dentistry