Referring New Members to the West Chamber!

Multi Hands JoiningWould you like to support your Chamber of Commerce?  Would you like to be rewarded for doing so?  It’s easy to get involved!

As a Chamber member you know and understand the value your chamber brings to you and your business.  You also understand the value of your membership increases as the Chamber’s membership increases.  More members means more opportunities for you to connect with prospective clients and/or strategic partners.  More members leads to more discount purchase programs and increased savings opportunities for you from those special Chamber programs.  And more members means, a ‘bigger voice’ when the Chamber advocates on your behalf regarding public policy issues at a local, state and federal level.

Your Chamber recognizes the best way to increase membership is with your help!

As a business owner and/or business professional we know you are likely working with a number of other businesses that are not members of The West Chamber – Serving Jefferson County and you could be the reason they become a member of our Chamber. Your testimonial and referral could be the catalyst to helping them find value in a West Chamber membership.

Special Program to Reward Chamber Members for Referring New Chamber Members

Sometimes just telling others about your positive experience and how your Chamber helps you will initiate other businesses to join the Chamber. However, its likely the business owners and professionals who are not members need more information and the opportunity to discuss membership options with a Chamber staff member. That is why your Chamber is offering a special program to reward members like yourself for referring those business representatives to the Chamber.

To learn more about this special referral program please click HERE.

To obtain a Referral Sheet where you can list prospective members please click HERE.

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